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Focal Point Solutions Group Wins 2015 IBM Top New Business Partner Award

Focal Point recognized for strong 2014 midmarket revenue performance and investment in cloud, analytics, social, and security services.


What: 2015 Top Performing New Business Partner Award from IBM

Where: IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, Las Vegas

Who: Focal Point Solutions Group (FPSG), an IBM Business Partner specializing in managed services

Contact: Ron Venzin, Managing Partner, Focal Point Solutions Group

Parish, Florida – February 24, 2015 – PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, Las VegasFocal Point Solutions Group LLC, an IBM Business Partner, today announced it won the 2015 Top Performing New Business Partner Award from IBM and Avnet, Inc. The award, presented at February's IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference (PWLC) in Las Vegas, Nevada, spotlights a single company that demonstrates outstanding revenue performance after becoming an IBM Business Partner.

Focal Point Solutions  Group LLC is an IBM Business Partner owned by professionals with extensive IT industry experience and deep understanding of the IBM midrange platform. Based in Florida, the company is an IBM MSP infrastructure partner with certifications from IBM in Power Systems, Tivoli Storage Manager, and IBM storage.

In announcing the award, Tami Duncan, IBM Vice President Global Business Partners North America, congratulated Ron Venzin, Focal Point Solutions Group Managing Partner for the company's "overall revenue performance in 2014" and its "loyalty to IBM's PartnerWorld initiative and brands."

"On behalf of IBM, I am pleased to congratulate Focal Point Solutions Group on being honored by Avnet Inc. as the 2015 IBM Top Performing New Business Partner," Duncan said in a letter. "This award recognizes your overall revenue performance in 2014 as a new IBM Business Partner." Focal Point works through Avnet, Inc., a leading IBM Distributor.

Duncan thanked Venzin for the firm's "strong performance in the midmarket," its "loyalty to IBM’s PartnerWorld initiative and brands," the company's "investment in cloud, analytics, social, and security," which she said allows the company to differentiate itself from competitors. The firm received the Top New Business Partner Award plaque during the North American Forum portion of the Leadership Conference.

Duncan also noted that Focal Point demonstrated an "overall commitment to customer satisfaction" as well as a "willingness to work as an integral part of the IBM team."

Venzin noted that, as a new IBM Business Partner, Focal Point Solutions Group was encouraged to work closely with IBM Distributor Avnet Inc. and credited Avnet for support to reach out to the market with Focal Point’s managed services offerings.

"The Focal Point team truly did an outstanding job last year differentiating itself in a crowded but rapidly changing marketplace," said Pete Elliot, Focal Point Partner. "We hope to continue to work with existing and many new clients in 2015 bringing them highly cost-efficient managed Disaster Recovery, managed High Availability and other managed services."

Focal Point Solutions Group offers clients its DR FlashCopyTM bundled solution that leverages IBM’s FlashCopy functionality to rapidly duplicate large amounts of data and objects on the IBM Storwize external disk storage systems (V3700, V5000 or V7000). Users of DR FlashCopy will normally have an industry-recognized third-party High Availability mirroring software solution such as those offered by IBM, Visions Solutions, BugBusters, iSam Blue, Maxava, Rocket Software, Shield Advanced Solutions, or Quick-EDD.

Benefits of Focal Point’s DR FlashCopy solution include:

  • No Downtime—DR FlashCopy eliminates user downtime needed to make a FlashCopy and start DR testing to identify any missing objects resulting from the original logical replication process.
  • Testing—DR FlashCopy benefits the testing process by permitting as many test copies of the data/volumes as desired.
  • Backup—DR FlashCopy also benefits the backup process by performing live backups while logical replication continues—no need to suspend mirroring.
  • Test Assurance—DR FlashCopy simplifies the quality test assurance process by allowing all data during the testing process to remain in sync.
  • Updates—DR FlashCopy facilitates live code and PTF level updates on the DR FlashCopy while maintaining fully in-sync systems between source and target.
  • Report Testing—DR FlashCopy facilitates report testing process following critical upgrades.
  • BRMS/Tivoli—DR FlashCopy supports BRMS environment and Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • Simplicity—DR FlashCopy is available in a single bundled service.

Focal Point’s DR FlashCopy Solution is currently implemented and available throughout North America. Pricing is based on bundled options that are customized based on configuration and data protection/availability requirements. Technical support for Focal Point’s DR FlashCopy Solution is available on a 24/7 basis from the FPSG Support Organization.

For more information on Focal Point Solutions Group’s DR FlashCopy and related managed services, contact Ron Venzin, Managing Partner, FPSG, Tel: 813-513-7402,

Focal Point Solutions Group LLC

Focal Point Solutions Group LLC (FPSG) is an IBM Business Partner with extensive experience in the IBM Power Systems, x86, and new cloud platforms. The company is an IBM MSP infrastructure partner with certifications by IBM for Power Systems, Tivoli software, and storage. Based in Florida, FPSG has clients throughout North America and specializes in managed services, high availability, and unique disaster-recovery architectures, including Focal Point's DR FlashCopyTM solution, a bundled DR offering that includes IBM hardware, software and FPSG managed services to simplify advanced data protection and high availability. FPSG cloud hosting solutions are designed to make the jobs of IT professionals easier. The company offers technical assessments and support for server consolidation, virtualization, data protection, availability, security, and compliance. The FPSG Managed Services team provides 24/7 monitoring of installed third party high availability solutions, first- and second-level technical support, and automated monitoring at the FPSG Client Alert Center. The company's mission statement: Our mission is to make our clients' lives easier, more successful, and more profitable. Our professional team of caring, accountable, and technically talented professionals sees our clients as deserving excellence in services and solutions.

Focal Point Solutions Group LLC

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