Security Audit

Our Security Audit approach is designed to reduce the risk of business and data loss that can disrupt IT services or worse expose sensitive data to unauthorized users. The audit will uncover exposures, oversights, weaknesses in policies or standards. Once completed we not only create a more secure and trusted computing environment, our customers often recognize lower cost of user administration and management.

The Security Audit first examines your security requirements first with your compliance requirements and then with your internal audit guide lines. This is the reviewed and evaluated the plan completeness and functionality. We will determine if the proper planned security controls are in place and working. We ensure the system security is keeping pace with changes to the system environment. Changes such as:

We will also verify if the security plan is designed to secure future events, such as installing a new application, moving to a higher security level, or setting up a communications network. The items you audit and how often depend on the size and security needs of your organization. Our Security Audit process involves using commands on the System i system and accessing log and journal information on your systems. A typical Audit covers the following areas:

An analysis of Utility programs, Job descriptions and Programs that adopt privileged authority.can be done

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