Single Sign-On

If Single Sign-On is required, we have the staff to implement a solution to the EIM repository. The need for multiple user registries, an issue most network enterprises face, creates a larger administrative challenge. EIM for the IBM i platform offers administrators and application developers an inexpensive solution for easier management of multiple user registries and user identities.

EIM creates a system of identity mappings, called associations, between various user identities in various user registries. It provides a common interface across platforms to look up relationships between user identities. Use EIM in conjunction with the IBM i network authentication service for a single sign-on environment. You will then be able to configure and manage EIM through the IBM i graphical user interface. Once completed, our process will allow you to take advantage of the auditing capabilities in the system built into the System i Operating System. To achieve a secure environment the auditing requires careful planning. Poorly designed auditing may generate many more audit records than you can analyze, and can have a severe impact on system performance.

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