| 15 August 2017 |

Beyond FTP

Securing and Managing File Transfers

Every day, millions of files are exchanged all over the world by corporations, government entities and other organizations. These electronic transfers include the critical data needed to conduct business, such as customer
and order information, EDI documents, financial data, payment information, as well as employee and health-related information.

Most file transfers use a popular protocol known as FTP. This is a very aged protocol, since it was designed and
implemented in the infancy of computing networks; even before the Internet was even heard of.

Few managers realize the security and management risks that have blossomed in their organization with the
prevalent use of FTP. Fewer still have begun to take measures to bring the use of FTP into compliance with
regulations such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, State Privacy Laws or other mandates.

This paper, from our partner Linoma Software, examines how FTP has become the standard for business-to-business file transfers. It identifies the key pitfalls that face management using this open protocol. Finally, it demonstrates how IT can begin the process of bringing the implementations of FTP into a more modern, secure framework. This new framework can increase user productivity and enhance IT manageability, while decreasing security exposures and adhering to growing compliance requirements.

View the full report here:  Beyond FTP – Securing and Managing File Transfers

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