When You Need Us, We Are Ready To Do Grunt Work

There are two secrets to success for any cloud or any service provider. First, get the best people, ones that understand people, business, and technology. Second, automate everything that can be automated because that is the only way the business will be able to scale and not collapse under the weight of the expense of […]

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Get Help To Batten Down The Hatches On Your IBM i

If you have a person on your IT staff that understands the complexities of aggressive malware, ransomware, viruses, and other kinds of hacking and is actually jazzed by this sort of thing – in a good way, a white hat kind of way – and who knows how to use security tools and a deep […]

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The Security Awareness Of People Is The Important Firewall In IT

Your company can have the best firewalls, the best intrusion detection and protection systems, and the best sensors and filters all wrapped around the IT organization. Your company can have the IBM i platform, legendary for its rock-solid security, locked down with the tightest security, and everyone can change their strong passwords frequently. Your company […]

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With IBM i Security, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

It is not enough to be worried late into the night about the security of your mission critical systems. The IT managers who are in control of the infrastructure at IBM i shops, who also have a lot of Windows Server infrastructure and a smattering of Linux and AIX systems, too, need to actually do something about […]