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Flash & IntellaFlash

How Will Flash & IntellaFlash Improve Your Operations and Productivity?

It goes without saying data has become one of the most critical assets of any enterprise, important as; profitability, IP and critical inventory.  Focal Point is dedicated servicing, storing, safeguarding, securing, protecting and making data more agile within the enterprise. Data is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise … if you lose data your organization will suffer catastrophic failure.

Near Continued Data Protection; CDP, Business Resiliency, Business Continuity, and High Availability have unique characteristics but in the final analysis complement each other as a reference architectures in safeguarding data.

Focal Point has created its own unique reference architecture by integrating CDP, HA and Business Resiliency into a signal solution; IntellaFlash with near CDP.

IntellaFlash contains the following elements:

Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP): Continuous data protection backs up data every time a change is made. This means a system can be restored back to the point where the last modification took place. Like Data Snapshots, CDP replicates or copies data from a source device to a target device at point in time throughout the working day.

Data Snapshots: Complete sets of data are copied from a primary storage device (or server) to another storage unit for its safekeeping. These copies are made at fixed intervals (pre-determined points), so that all the data being saved is current up to the point that the last snapshot of it was made.

Logical Replication in an IBM i Environment

Logical Replication is at the core of any High Availability software product. It is also referred to as Traditional Mirroring. The scenario below shows three separate customers on three separate servers/LPARs mirroring data to the IBM i target server.

CDP also includes: Time of Data Capture:  Pre-determined times are used for the Data Snapshot method; Frequency of Data Capture: Snapshotting captures data at pre-determined set points, and Point of Recovery: Following a failure, Snapshotting lets you recover back to the last snapshot. CDP keeps a record of every transaction any given past transaction.

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